Lindsey Davis is the award winning creator of Marcus Didius Falco, the hero of a series of light-hearted historical mystery novels set in ancient Rome, as well as an historical novel about Antonia Caenis, Emperor Vespasian’s long-term mistress, plus a number of short stories. (Disclaimer).

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  • Alexandria latest Falco hardback coming in 2009 (UK)
  • Saturnalia now in paperback (2008)

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Are you Lindsey Davis?
No. I am not, and have never been, Lindsey Davis. I’m just a Falco fan.
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Visit Lindsey’s Official Website (http://www.lindseydavis.co.uk) to find her preferred contact methods. Be sure to check her FAQs and letters page to check that your question hasn’t already been asked.

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The workings of Lindsey Davis

Lindsey is a historical novelist born Birmingham, who is famous for her first novel series, Marcus Didius Falco. She dropped her 13 years of civil service to pursue her writing passion after her romantic novel became runner-up for the 1985 Georgette Heyer Historical Novel of the year. It was the starting step of her successful writing career.

Her work

She started off as a writer for the UK women’s magazine, writing serials for Women’s Realm. Her great passion for history and archaeology, however, led to her writing the classic era-based novels. Her first historical book, The Course of Honor, was not published until years later because no publisher was willing to post her work at the time.

Her works include:

• Marcus Didius Falco Series

• Flavia Albia Series

• Standalone novels

The Falco Series

This 20 books long series features the life of the “detector” Marcus Didius Falco famously described as “Roman Emperor Vespasian’s smart-aleck PI”. The events are shown in Falco’s point of view all through.

Each of the novels is written independently, thus do not limit the readers to follow the order in which they were written. These books in their chronological order are as follows:

 The Silver Pigs

 Shadows in Bronze

 Venus in Copper

 The Iron Hand of Mars

 Poseidon’s Gold

 Last Act in Palmyra

 Time to Depart

 A Dying Light in Corduba

 Three Hands in the Fountain

 Two of the Lions

 Ode to the Banker

 A Body in the Bath House

 The Jupiter Myth

 The Accusers

 Scandal Takes a Holiday

 See Delphi and Die

 Saturnalia

 Alexandria

 Nemesis

There is also a guide for the series:

 Falco: The Official Companion

The Albia Series

The series follows the life of Flavia Albia, who is Marcus Falco’s adopted daughter, showing her life from a troubled teenager to a spirited widow and an “investigator” too. It is also set in the traditional Roman world and written in Albia’s point of view. The novels (in chronological order) include:

 The Ideas of April

 Enemies at Home

 Deadly Election

 The Graveyard of the Hesperides

 The Third Nero

 The Spook who Spoke Again

 Vesuvius By Night

 Pandora’s Boy

Standalone novels

These distinct novels, written in the third person in contrast with the serials thus helps the reader to see the different viewpoints of different characters.

These include:

1. The Course of Honor

It was her first novel and was meant to be a prelude to the Falco series though it came years after the Falco series started.

2. Master and God

Just like The Curse of Honor, it was a prelude to the Alba series.

3. Rebels and Traitors

This novel inspired by Lindsey’s interest in writing in the Seventeenth Century, cover events occurring around the commonwealth and civil war periods.

4. A Cruel Fate

This short novel interestingly gives weight on the life of a prisoner of war, and the treatment he undergoes.