A Body in the Bath House

Next time you have builders in your house, spare a thought for Falco, who has to put up with Glaucus and Cotta. If you remember, they were renovating the bath house in Falco’s new Janiculum home – well actually, it’s now Geminus’ home, they’ve had a house swap. It would seem that Glaucus and Cotta have left some of their debris behind when they cleared out of then Janiculum renovation. Naturally Falco gets roped in to find out why they left it there.

Meanwhile, Maia has a shock and needs protection, and Vespasian has a headache with some palace renovations he is financing for Togidubnus, the Chieftain of the Atrebates tribe in Britannia. They too rope Falco in to solve their problems.

So Falco, Helena, their two children (Julia and newborn Sosia Favonia) and their nursemaid, and a few family add-ons make their way to Britannia to tackle over spending, delays, corruption, poor worker relations, and far too many “accidents” during the renovations to Togidubnus new palace in Noviomagus (known to us as Fishbourne Palace).

It’s not long before bodies start to appear and Falco finds himself unpopular and in danger. Suddenly Falco remembers why he hates Britannia!

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