A Dying Light in Corduba

 Nobody was poisoned at the dinner for the Society of Olive Oil Producers of Baetica,
though in retrospect this was quite a surprise…

One night, Anacrites is badly wounded and left for dead and another man is killed; both men were at the same dinner. Guess who is chosen to be imperial sleuth again? Falco is plunged into the murky world of olive oil production and heads out to Baetica. It turns out to be more than a simple murder, there is political intrigue, plots, an “accident” leading to the death of a promising young man and a Spanish dancer to contend with. Falco and Helena stay in Baetica, under the guise of inspecting the villa and olive crops of Helena Justina’s father, Camillus Verus. Verus’ eldest son, Camillus Aelianus, knows more than he is telling Falco! With so much to do, one thing that is occupying Falco’s mind is, very impending fatherhood!!!

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