Falco’s Household

Marcus Didius Falco


Falco, is the hero of Lindsey Davis’ novels and is a complex character. He likes to think he is tough, cynical and mean, but really, he is a softy (especially when it comes to his girlfriend). The irony is, however, that when it boils down to it Falco can grit his teeth and get stuck in to the really dirty jobs, most of which seem to be in the service of the Emperor Vespasian. After declining promotion to the second rank once and being refused twice, Falco has finally earned his position as a respectable Equestrian. With this, he has been given the responsibility of Procurator of the Sacred Geese. Falco originally lived in a tenement room in Fountain Court (in the Aventine), but when he met Helena and they had their first child he moved across the road to larger accommodation. Now, however, he has moved into a large house by the river. The house used to belong to Geminus, Falco’s dad, but Geminus moved to the house Helena bought on the Janiculan which was originally going to be for her and Falco. Confused yet?

Most notable deed: Working down a silver mine in Britannia, in appaling conditions, being abused and half frozen, all in pursuit of a conspiracy case.

Helena Justina

A Senator’s daughter and superior girlfriend of Falco

A headstrong woman with ideas of her own. She was once married to Pertinax but took it upon herself to divorce him because he “wouldn’t talk to her”. She likes to get involved in Falco’s cases and very often has been the one to figure out the vital clues. Not only is she intelligent and witty, but she is also very attractive (Huh! Some people have all the luck!). After having a miscarriage, Helena now has two daughters with Falco. She was responsible for purchasing a house on the Janiculan Hill and for hiring Glaucus & Cotta (on the advice of Geminus – she should have known better!) the absentee builders!

Most notable deed: Actually falling in love with Falco and moving to his decrepit apartment in the lowest part of town!

Julia Junilla Laeitana

First daughter to Falco and Helena

A little bundle of…. “joy”. She is tactfully named after both Helena’s mother (“Julia”) and Falco’s mother (“Junilla”), the third name (“Laeitana”) is from the area of Baetica she was born in… well, ok, it is also the name of one of Falco’s favourite wines.

Sosia Favonia

Second daughter to Falco and Helena

Named in part after Falco’s Pa (who’s original cognomen was “Favonius”).

Most notable deed: Give her a chance, she’s only just been born!