Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Falcophile?

If there was a dictionary definition it would be:

Falcophile (noun) one who loves all things Falco!


Can I use any of your graphics and photos on my own website?

In a word, no. All the graphics and photographs are copyrighted either by me, or by the source indicated next the graphic, and may not be used outside this website without permission.

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Can I copy/quote your text on my site?

You may not copy the text wholesale on your site, and certainly not without citing the source.

You are allowed to quote this web site, according to the standard copyright laws on quoting sources.

Please use the following citation format (you may tailor it to a discipline standard reference):

Dade, L. (Date). Title of Article / Page. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from FalcoPhiles: Exact-URL-of-article

If no date of publication is indicated, just leave it out – but you must include the date you retrieved the document. If revisions are indicated, please use the latest revision date.

For example, to quote the Teutoburg Massacre article, you would cite:

Dade, L. (1999). The Teutoburg Massacre AD 9. Retrieved April 6th, 2003, from FalcoPhiles:

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Can I link to you?

If you mean that you’d like to create a link to my website, then yes, by all means do so! If you tell me you’ve linked to me (use the Contact Form), I will add you to the recipricol links page. Please use the following url:

If you mean that you wish to link directly and embed my graphics or other pages that are not HTML documents (i.e., .swf, .jpg, .gif, .css, etc.) then, please see the previous question. Besides the copyright issue, direct linking (by embedding into your page, as if it is on your server) steals bandwidth from the site you are linking to which can cost that site owner money. Plus, it is plain bad manners.

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Are you Lindsey Davis?

No. I am not, and have never been, Lindsey Davis. I’m just a Falco fan.


Can you pass on a message to… / How can I contact… Lindsey Davis?

Visit Lindsey’s Official Website ( to find her preferred contact methods. Be sure to check her FAQs and letters page to check that your question hasn’t already been asked.

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I have an assignment/homework/report on Roman fiction/customs/history due tomorrow, can you help me, it’s only 100 questions…?

Aaaarrrggghhh! You’ve left it a bit late haven’t you? Ok, well nothing can be done about that now. I won’t do your homework for you, but if I can answer a quick question in a couple of lines then I’ll try and help. If it requires a more in depth answer, then I’ll more than likely just point you in the right direction regarding books and sources.

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What technology do I need to view this site?

This site is designed to be as compatible will all browsers as possible. I have avoided the use of proprietory tags specific to either Netscape or Internet Explorer. You should be able to use any browser and still fully access the site.

PHP server side scripting is used for all mission critical features. There is minimal use of features that could cause a problem if your browser does not have the required technology, for each occasion I have provided an alternative:

  1. Java Applet – browsers without Java installed, or with it disabled, won’t be able to use the interactive Java Applets.
    • Alternative: Only the wordsearch game uses a Java Applet. I have provided plain graphic versions of each wordsearch, which can be downloaded and printed out.
  2. JavaScript – browsers without JavaScript features, or with JavaScript disabled won’t be able to use the JavaScript features.
    • Alternative: I have kept JavaScript to a minimum, and only used it as a supplement item, not a required item – so wherever JavaScript is used, there is always a non-JavaScript version (ie, pop-up links become straight links).
  3. Macromedia Flash 5 – Macromedia Flash 5 multimedia presentations won’t work unless you have the Flash 5 plugin (available free from Macromedia).
    • Alternative: There are plain static images of the multimedia presentations available for people who can not, or wish not to, install the plugin.
  4. Cookies – in order for the site to remember the preferences you set on the Preferences page, you need your browser enabled to accept cookies (either automatically, or by asking you first).
    • Alternative: There is no alternative to using cookies. Fortunately, however, you do not need cookies for the site to work normally, you only need it if you want to set preferences.

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Where can I buy Lindsey Davis’ novels?

Your first port of call should be your local independent book store. If they don’t have any Lindsey Davis in stock, then point out the error of their ways and ask if you can order copies.

If you have no luck at the local independent store, or you don’t have one (why not?), then try your nearest large chain of book stores. Waterstones or Dillons are good, they have a vast selection of titles and even many obscure titles too.

If you run out of luck at nearest chain store, then it’s time to fire-up the browser and go online. If you want a book instantly*, or are unable to go into your town, then there are many online book stores, but I recommend you stick with the major ones because they have a proven track record. You need to find your country specific store ( / / etc), otherwise the savings you make by buying online are eaten up by the cost of shipping.

* A case in point when online shopping is better than high street shopping: I frequently need text books for my university course and more often than not the book has to be ordered from the university book shop which can take a week or two (they tend to do orders in batches). But, increasingly I’ve been able to get a copy of the required book (with varying discounts) within a matter of days from Amazon!

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How do I get around the site?

The site is divided into eight (8) sections. The names of these sections is indicated in the contents area of the homepage and in the navigation bar beneath the Falcophiles logo at the top of every page.

Informational links that are not connected with the site content (such as “Site Map”, “FAQ”, “Contact” and “Preferences”) can be found on the top right of every page. Also on the top right is a search engine box, where you can search the entire site (and only this site) for keywords.

Within each section is an index page that links to the pages within that section. You can also see exactly where you are on the site by looking at the breadcrumb trail in the top navigation bar (beneath the section links), indicated by the words “Your Location”.

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Ever won any awards?

Yep, and here they are…

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