Games Based on a Roman Theme

Life isn’t all hard work and toil! Sometimes even hard-boiled Informers need to relax. Here are some games that run from logic problems to quizzes to wordsearches. Some of these games use technology for which you need to have settings enabled on your browser.

Play Online:

  • Whodunnit? (all browsers!)Can you solve the clues to this logic problem and find the murderer? Become a Roman Sleuth!
  • Falco Quiz (all browsers!)An easy quiz about Lindsey Davis and the Falco novels. Are you a true FalcoPhile?
  • Twelve Caesars Quiz (all browsers!)How well do you know your Emperors? Can you place Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars in their correct order?
  • Wordsearch (Java Applet, 0.13 MB download)Can you find the list of characters that feature in Lindsey Davis’ novels hidden in the letter grid.


  • Tabula (download and print!)A classic strategy game played by the Romans which was a precursor to the (relatively) modern game of backgammon.