Last Act in Palmyra

Falco swore to Helena he would never do work for the Emperor again, so you can understand her surprise when she discovers he is off to the lands of the East, Nabataea to be precise. Imagine her fury when she discovers that Falco is not working for the Emperor exactly, but Anacrites, the Palace spy and general low-life, whose sole aim in life is to eliminate Falco from the scene. He wants Falco to make a survey of the land and its defenses ready for possible inclusion into the Roman Empire. Of course Helena can’t let Falco go all that way on his own, and the two of them head off towards Nabataea. When they arrive they step right into trouble. Somebody told the Nabataeans they were coming. Hmmmmmm! Not only do they have to shake off the attentions of “The Brother” who places a priest with them to “look after them”, but they have to solve the riddle of a playwright’s murder, which means joining the small band of travelling actors he belonged to. Yep, Falco becomes their playwright and makes quite a good job of it too. Oh, and then there’s the small task of finding a lost water-organist (who fell in love!) for the snake dancer, Thalia (owner of Jason, Zeno and Pharaoh), which means a quick trip in to Palmyra… not to mention the scorpion affair.

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