A reference list of all novels and stories by Lindsey Davis. You can view the Falco series, other novels or short stories.

Synopses of novels may contain spoilers!

The Marcus Didius Falco Series

In order of publication:

  • The Silver Pigs (1989) – Falco travels to Britain to solve a conspiracy.
  • Shadows in Bronze (1990) – Falco travels to Campania with Petro and his family.
  • Venus in Copper (1991) – Falco investigates a women in Rome whom’s husbands die mysteriously!
  • The Iron Hand of Mars (1992) – Falco travels to Germania to deliver a statue for the Emperor.
  • Poseidon’s Gold (1993) – Falco gets involved in sorting out his deceased brother’s harebrained schemes.
  • Last Act in Palmyra (1994) – Falco travels to Palmyra and gets involved with some travelling actors.
  • Time to Depart (1995) – Falco helps Petro clean up the city of Organised Crime.
  • A Dying Light in Corduba (1996) – Falco investigate oil cartels in Spain.
  • Three Hands in the Fountain (1997) – Falco desperately seeks a serial killer on the loose in Rome!
  • Two For The Lions (1998) – Falco is a Censor trying to find tax fiddles and Helena’s brother in Africa.
  • One Virgin Too Many (1999) – Falco has to find a missing child, and gets involved with Rome’s state religions.
  • Ode to a Banker (2000) – Falco enters the Literary circles of Rome.
  • A Body in the Bath House (2001) – Falco travels to Britain and gets involved with Fishbourne Palace.
  • The Jupiter Myth (2002) – Falco is in London trying to solve a tavern murder.
  • The Accusers (2003) – Falco gets involved in the murky world of Rome legal system.
  • Scandal Takes a Holiday (2004) – Falco and family head off to Ostia for a holiday.
  • See Delphi and Die (2005) – Falco is sent off to ensure Aulus stays at university, but gets sidetracked by murder.
  • Saturnalia (2007) – Falco has has to find a missing person before Anacrites does.
  • Alexandria (2009) – ???.
  • Omnibus Editions (2000/2003) – Omnibus editions: “Falco on His Metal” and “Falco on the Loose”.

Other Novels

  • The Course of Honour (1998) – The story of Antonia Caenis, Vespasian’s long-term mistress.
  • Short Stories – Short stories located in various anthologies and publications.

Lindsey Davis has also written introductions to various crime novels by other authors, as well as a number of articles for the Texas Classical Association (subscription required to read them).