Omnibus Editions 

These are just those repackaged “get the trilogy” type books that publishers like to put out from time to time in the full knowledge that at least 20% of the die-hard fans will buy it to complete their collection, 30% will like the look of it and buy it as a Christmas present for a loved one and the remaining 50% will think it is a new novel by the author and will eagerly buy it only to be disappointed when they get it home and discover it is just old novels repackaged.

Falco on his Metal

This omnibus covers the three “metal” novels that are a sort of trilogy: Venus in CopperThe Iron Hand of Mars and Poseidon’s Gold. Quite what the publishers will do with the remaining two metal novels (The Silver Pigs and Shadows in Bronze) I don’t know, but I suspect it will involve another repackaging somewhere along the line. The same goes for the “Three… Two… One” trilogy, I expect they will be repackaged. Collectors, you had better start saving your pennies now!

Falco on the Loose

This is an omnibus of Last Act in PalmyraTime to Depart, and A Dying Light in Corduba. Due out in June 2003 (UK).

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