Poseidon’s Gold

Back in Rome, after a long, slow journey back from Germany, Falco and Helena arrive at the apartment in Fountain Court to find it ransacked and fouled by squatters. Reluctantly deciding to stay at his mother’s until it is cleared, Falco discovers that she already has a tenant – an unwanted one from the dark, murky past of his brother Festus. The ex-legionary “friend” of Festus is demanding money he claims is owed to him by Festus from a dodgy business venture. The next day, the legionary is found stabbed to death in the top floor room of Flora’s Caupona. Guess who the prime suspect is? Falco only has a short time to prove his innocence, find the real murderer, make his fortune (enabling him to marry Helena) and prove his brother’s innocence. Not easy, as Festus was probably guilty. Falco is also hindered by Helena trying to be helpful but making thing much worse (her fault for once!). Can he do it? Or does he have to accept help from a figure of his past… Geminus (formerly Marcus Didius Favonius), Falco’s dad!

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