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Mailing List

The FalcoPhiles mailing list is a free, “opt in”, periodical email which notifies subscribers of updates and information regarding the FalcoPhiles website. Visitors may subscribe, unsubscribe and change their email address on the mailing list page.

FalcoPhiles will not sell or give away the email addresses of subscribers to other websites, newsgroups, companies or individuals.

You will not receive SPAM from FalcoPhiles. If you do get SPAM that appears to be from ‘FalcoPhiles’ (i.e., if the ‘From’ line matches the following format: <anyname> @ then somebody spoofing this email address.

Reader Comments

When visitors add a reader comment about a particular novel, their IP address will be logged. This IP address will not be visible to other visitors and will only be used for dealing with abuses of the system.

Abuses of the system include: spamming, advertising, off-topic comments, insults to other visitors and/or Lindsey Davis, and the use of inappropriate or foul language. In the event of an abuse to the system the IP of the offending visitor will be noted. If the abuse persists, then the abuser will be blocked from adding further comments. Please also read the Terms of Use for this feature.

Feedback Form

FalcoPhiles uses a submission form for visitors to send feedback to the site designer. The contact information in the form is used only to get in the touch with the visitor if necessary. Once dealt with the feedback form contents are deleted.


FalcoPhiles uses a browser cookie (a small text file stored on your computer) to store any preferences you set on the Preferences page. The data can only be read by FalcoPhiles and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

You do not need to register or login anywhere to use this feature! It is completely free and anonymous.

External Links

This site contains links to external websites. FalcoPhiles is not responsible for the privacy practices, content, availability or accessibility of external websites.

Add a Link Feature

In the “add a link” feature you are required to fill in your email address. This is for two reasons: so that I can contact you if there is a problem (ie, maybe your mis-typed the url and I can’t access the site to check it out), and so that I can inform you when you site has been accepted or rejected. When your link has dealt with your email address will be deleted from the system.

FalcoPhiles reserves the right to refuse any link that it deems to be unacceptable (all links must be relevant to FalcoPhiles) and to edit the link title or description as it appears on FalcoPhiles web pages.