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In March 2002, I went to Rome for a few days with my family. We explored the Forum Romanum, climbed Palatine Hill, visited the Colosseum, Baths of Caracalla, Circus Maximus and most exciting, Nero’s Golden House! Of course I took lots of pictures, and here they are for you to enjoy! There are over 40 photos, complete with written notes and comments about each.

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Unfortunately, there are no photographs of Nero’s Golden House because photography was not allowed (preservation of the remains), but this Domus Aurea website might satisfy your curiosity (although the pictures really don’t do it justice), or if you don’t mind spending a few sestertii you can download Archaeology’s “Guide to the Domus Aurea” (US $3.95).

Index of photographs

  1. The Forum Romanum
  2. Outside the Curia
  3. Inside the Curia
  4. Curia – Raised Dias
  5. Curia – Senator’s Seats
  6. Arch of Severus
  7. The Rostra and Arch of Severus
  8. Rostra – Closer view
  9. The Rostra – Side view
  10. Temple of Vespasian
  11. Temple of Vespasian – Close up
  12. Temple of Saturn
  13. Basilica Julia
  14. Basilica Julia – With carved game
  15. Temple of Castor and Pollux
  16. Temple of Vesta
  17. Temple of Vesta – Again
  18. Temple of Vesta – Inside
  19. House of the Vestals
  20. Temple of Antonius and Faustina
  21. Temple of Romulus Door
  22. Basilica Maxentius
  23. The Arch of Titus
  24. Approaching the Colosseum
  25. Colosseum Interior – From one end
  26. Colosseum Interior – From the other end
  27. Colosseum Interior – Zoomed in
  28. Colosseum Underground – Close up
  29. Colosseum Interior – From the floor level
  30. Colosseum Interior – Second circular level.
  31. Baths of Caracalla – Caldarium
  32. Baths of Caracalla – Caldarium Close-up
  33. Baths of Caracalla – Gymnasium
  34. Baths of Caracalla – Frigidarium Wall.
  35. Baths of Caracalla – Mosaic Design
  36. Baths of Caracalla – Another Mosaic
  37. Arch of Constantine
  38. Domitian’s Private Stadium
  39. The Circus Maximus
  40. Circus Maximus – looking at the Palatine
  41. The Pantheon
  42. The Pantheon Ceiling

All photographs copyright © 2002, Louise Dade. All rights reserved.
These photographs are not public domain! Permission is not granted for the use of these photgraphs. Please do not download, link to or otherwise use these photographs without permission. Thank you.