Shadows in Bronze

This book is a kind of continuation of “The Silver Pigs”, as the conspiracy problem has not been resolved. The book opens with Falco clearing up a little mess that was caused at the end of the last book…. not a pleasant job, but typical of the sort of things an informer has to do. With rumours of a fresh plot to usurp Vespasian’s power, Falco is sent “on holiday” to Campania with his long standing friend Petronius and his wife and children. Great! Falco tries to carry-on with his mission and make a few sesterces on the side by selling certain lead ingots……! He bumps into more trouble than he anticipated, in the form of Helena Justina, the Senator’s high-minded daughter, and boy has she got a surprise for Falco! After narrowly missing being struck on the head, almost drowning, fending off amorous females, and putting his foot in it with the one female he does desire, Falco gradually discovers the truth…. only to find that he doesn’t like it and that Helena is in great danger.

Reader Comments:

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