Short Stories

“Investigating the Silvius Boys” (1995) In No Alibi, Ed. Jakubowski and in Classical Whodunnits, Ed. Ashley. Reprinted in Murder through the Ages, Ed. Jakubowski.

“Abstain from Beans” (1996) In Perfectly Criminal, Ed. Edwards and in Malice Domestic 6, US, Pocket Books.

“The Party May Yet Be Living” (1998) In Past Poisons (a Memorial Anthology to Ellis Peters) Ed. Jakubowski.

“The Short Story (with Critical Apparatus)” (1973 and 2001) In Oxford Originals: writing from Lady Margaret Hall (an anthology of writing from past members of Lady Margaret Hall College, Oxford University).

“Body Zone” (2001) In The Mysterious Press Anthology: Celebrating 25 years by the Editors of Mysterious Press.

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