The Camillus Family

Decimus Camillus Verus & Julia Justa

Parents to Helena Justina

Helena’s parents are a little reticent about her relationship with Falco. Julia Justa hates Falco, and hates the fact he is the father of Helena’s child. She also hates the fact that Falco loves Helena, and vice versa, because it means they are likely to remain together. Julia Justa is a fussy woman, she knows exactly what she wants and is prone to nagging her husband. She does not, however, have quite the independent streak that Helena has. Camillus Verus is am amiable senator of Patrician blood. Unfortunately, he is one of those struggling to maintain their vast fortune and the trappings of being Patrician. His attitude to Helena and Falco is more relaxed than that of his wife’s. He is concerned for Helena’s safety on the Aventine, but is tolerant towards Falco (and actually quite likes him). They exchange banter and “knowing” comments about Helena’s character and life in general. Verus is a personal friend of Emperor Vespasian and has often spoken highly of Falco’s work (he once employed him), thus securing Falco imperial favour and plenty of work.

Most notable deed: Verus was the person to actually kill his brother, who was involved in a conspiracy against the Emperor.

Q. Camillus Justinus

Helena’s brother – the nice one

Justinus is off marrying an heiress after pinching her off his brother! He is nominally working with Falco for experience.

A. Camillus Aelianus

Helena’s other brother – the not so nice one

Aelianus broods a lot and only suffers Falco’s role regarding his sister because there isn’t much he can do about it! He too is working with Falco as a trainee, preparing him for life in the Senate. Aelianus will be one to watch – he has been very close to conspiracy in Baetica.

Sosia Camilla

Falco’s first client in the series & Helena’s cousin. A tragic tale

Daughter of Camillus Verus’ rogue of a brother (deceased). Helena was very fond of Sosia and so was Falco. Being such a headstrong girl (like Helena!) Sosia got herself into trouble concerning something she knew and… well… Falco will blame himself for the rest of his life.

Claudia Rufina

An heiress, in love with one of Helena’s brothers

She eloped with one of Helena’s brothers, and they ended up in North Africa looking for the extinct herb silphium. She is now happily (?!) married to the brother!