The Iron Hand of Mars

The fourth book in the Falco novels has our hero travelling to the far flung regions of the empire – Germania Liberi! Dark, wet, cold and unfriendly forests haunted by bloodthirsty tribes, dangerous women and the ghosts of massacres past….. Falco has to search these surroundings to find a missing legionary commander and to deliver a rather special statue. Back in Rome, not only has he forgotten his girlfriend, Helena Justina’s, birthday, but she is being pursued by Titus Caesar… or so Falco thought! His only travelling companion is probably an assassin, he meets with a couple of murdered corpses, and has to enter the most dangerous country in the known Roman world with nothing but trainee recruits, their Centurion and a Commander Falco desperately has to keep out of danger, Camillus Justinus (Helena’s favourite brother)!

Reader Comments:

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