Twelve Caesars Quiz

This two part quiz will test how well you know your Twelve Caesars, according to the Roman biographer Suetonius. In part one, all you have to do put the Emperors in the right order. For example, if you think Vespasian was Emperor number 3, then just select “Vespasian” from the drop-down list. The dates and dynasties next to each question may (or may not!) help you. In part two of the quiz, you will be asked questions, the answers to which will be the name of one of the twelve Caesars.

Of course, technically speaking Julius Caesar was never an Emperor, he was a Dictator. However, like Suetonius, we shall include Julius here because he was a Caesar!


Julio-Claudian Dynasty
1. 49-44 BC
2. 31 BC – AD 14
3. AD 14-37
4. AD 37-41
5. AD 41-54
6. AD 54-68
Civil Wars
7. AD 68-69
8. AD 69
9. AD 69
Flavian Dynasty
10. AD 69-79
11. AD 79-81
12. AD 81-96
Imperial Questions
13. Who had a wife called Messalina?
14. Whose name means “Little Boots” in Latin?
15. According to Suetonius, who wrote a manual on hair care, despite his own baldness?
16. Who was, allegedly, rather “friendly” with King Nicomedes of Bithynia?
17. Whose favourite expression was “Quicker than boiled asparagus!“?
18. Who made an unsuccessful attempt to drown his mother on a sabotaged barge?
19. Who was pelted with turnips by rioting residents, while he was a provincial governor in Africa?
20. Who supposedly said “Let them hate me, so long as they respect me!“?