Have a go at being an informer like Falco and see if you can solve this little murder mystery.

Julius has been found dead in the triclinium, his Falernean poisoned. Four men seated on a divan and two chairs in front of a hanging ceremonial shield discussed the foul deed. Their names are Marcus, Gaius, Tiberius and Lucius. The are, not necessarily respectively, a Senator, Rhetorician, Centurion and Priest.

  1. The slave pours a glass of Falernean each for Tiberius and Gaius.
  2. The hanging shield is reflective and the Senator sees the slave leave and close the door. He turns to speak to Lucius, next to him.
  3. Neither Marcus nor Gaius has any sisters.
  4. The Rhetorician is a teetotaller.
  5. Marcus, who is sitting on one of the chairs, is the Centurion’s brother-in-law. The Rhetorician is sitting on Marcus’ left.

Suddenly a hand moves stealthily to put something in Tiberius’ Falernean. It is the murderer. No one has left his seat and no one else is in the room. What is the occupation of each man, where is he sitting and who is the murderer?

The Crime Scene