This is a traditional wordsearch grid. To circle a word, click on one end of the word and drag the mouse to the other end of the word, then release. There are currently four word lists to choose from. Clicking on the “New Game” button cycles through the lists.

  • Locations – various locations in Falco’s Roman empire (he hasn’t neccessarily visited them).
  • Animals – various animals in the novels, such as Nux.
  • Characters – some of the characters in the novels.
  • Rome – the hills of Rome, plus other significant places.

Press “New Game” to start.

Sorry, this game uses a Java Applet. To play the interactive online game you either need to activate the Java in your browser options or you need to download a Java (2.0.1) enabled browser.

Alternatively, you can download and print these offline versions of the wordsearch (unfortunately, each grid will remain scrambled in the same way, unlike the java version which scrambles the grid differently each time a game is loaded).

Animals Grid | Characters Grid | Rome Grid